Story of love and Jesus in ‘The Galilean Secret’

By Bryan Rourke - Tuesday, May 4, 2010 (

PROVIDENCE — In the beginning, the Rev. Evan Drake Howard created characters and plot, dialogue and denouement. But he saw that it wasn’t as good as he would have liked.

Well, publishers didn’t like it. At least none picked it up.

“It was quite a blow because I put so much of myself into the research and writing.”

So Howard started over, with another creation (“The Lost Epistle of Jesus”) and then another (“The Galilean Secret”). Actually, the second book, released May 1 (Guideposts Books, 448 pages, $24.99), is an expansion and re-creation of the first. Both novels by the pastor of the Community Church of Providence are, not surprisingly, religious fiction.

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The Audacity of Biblical Hope

By Evan Drake Howard - April 27, 2010 (Washington Post)

At first the words didn’t make sense to me. I heard the Very Rev. Alan Jones, former dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, speak them at a conference years ago. His words challenged my naïve understanding of faith and sounded a discordant note in my mind. Only upon further reflection did I grasp the truth of his simple statement, “Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Certainty is the opposite of faith.”

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Top Three Book Choices to Make into Blockbuster Feature Films

By Oscar Crawford - May 3, 2010 (

(Reviewer Sees The Galilean Secret as a Film/Compares with Top Thrillers)

The top three books I would like to see turned into a film are by author James Rollins’ The Last Oracle, Steve Berry’s Paris Vendetta, and Evan Drake Howard’s The Galilean Secret.

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